Elsa in hanbok or the price of the “Small Breakaway”

You know, since the first news about the exit of the new part of the Cold Heart, my soul has been eager to connect its way with one of the heroines I loved there. You thought correctly if the elegant and fragile image of the lord of cold and ice, Queen Elsa, has now surfaced before your eyes. Since Disney is so zealously trying to attribute her to the society of princesses of their magic kingdom, not paying attention to the title that our charming wizard receives in the first cartoon… my heart is divided into two parts. One of them has been owned by the lord of endless deserts – Princess Jasmine for how many years, and the second now in the ice of the ice queen – Elsa.

However, my story will go exactly about how I created the costume of Elsa, inspired by the wonderful art of the artist… especially for the Lost Ark competition…

The fact that I will take part in this competition – I knew right away. For she also played the game on the Korean server and managed to participate in all activities already on the poo. Well, I, as a fan of the MMORPG genre for a very long time, lacked something that could stick me to the screen for a couple of hours and at the same time not get tired.

Why exactly in the nomination Korean COSPLAY? It’s simple. At this point, I really wanted to finish my Naotora armor and two new Cold Heart 2 suits. Well, between gluing 7,000 rhinestones on Elsa’s dress and painting Anna’s costume, I decided that I could (sacrificing sleep and a large budget) bring to life one of the most long-awaited projects for me. Well, to present your creation in all its glory at the Gambler 2019… it happened

So let’s look at the rules of the competition and actually… what did they want from us?

“Want to try on the image of the brave hero of the world LOST ARK and win a cash prize? Every member of our community has this opportunity. We invite everyone to take part in the cosplay competition! ”

Well, then nominations, etc., were presented. Of course, nothing becomes clearer from the same name “Korean Traditional Cosplay.” Clarifying in the group from the administrators, I get this answer: “Faith, about the Korean traditional cosplay the answer is higher, but I will supplement it. In this nomination, you need to create, accordingly, an image in the Korean traditional blanket. An example is Hanbok. The image that you want to take as a basis – at your discretion ”

Yeah, super, but better say, “so it could be a character from another universe, like disney, marvel, etc.?”

And in the end we get the answer from Denis: “if the image at the same time will correspond to the nomination – yes.”

Great! The answer has been received, everything seems clear. At the moment, no more clarifications, storyboards, etc. were present.

Well, on the way, let’s figure out what the words COSPLAY and HANBOK mean

Our brave wikipedia gives us the answer:

Hanbok is the national traditional costume of the inhabitants of Korea. Hanbok is often sewn from bright monochromatic fabrics. Although the word “hanbok” literally means “Korean clothes,” in the 21st century this word is used exclusively to refer to the hanbok of the Joseon dynasty, these are clothes for official and semi-official receptions, festivals and festivals. Modern Hanbok differs from Joseon, in the 20th century its form underwent strong changes in favor of convenience. Throughout their history, noble Koreans often borrowed foreign clothes, and ordinary people wore varieties of hanbok.

Examples of Hanbok in MMORPG and Artah

Well, what is cosplay?

Cosplay – is a transformation into various roles, consisting in dressing in costumes and playing off character, body plastics and facial expressions of characters in computer games, cinema, literature, comics, anime and manga. As a rule, this hobby includes the manufacture of a costume and elements of the attributes of the selected character. It has some connection with the role movement (the difference is that the cosplay does not imply the development of the plot and character of the character, but concentrates on the characteristic features described in the source), as well as with historical reconstruction (requires a detailed reconstruction of the historical prototype).

The image chosen for cosplay can be taken from any source or invented by the author of cosplay as an original idea or as a synthesis of various famous characters and styles (for example, a version of a famous character in the steampunk style).

The last point just applies to my Elsa. And this means that we were asked to think through the image and present it in the “Korean style.” The author of the art, on the basis of which I made cosplay, from South Korea and his style is directly related to the vestment of various characters of different universes in the traditional clothes of his people.

“If you are a fan of all Korean – this nomination is for you! Any images in any traditional Korean outfits are allowed to participate. ”

Well, let’s start…

I did work in different directions. Since the art itself portrayed the character only on one side and only half its height, much turned out to be thought of by itself. The most difficult of the sewing part, I consider the banter on the back. We’ll start with him.

The two-layer banter, together with plume-shaped ribbons, occupies approximately 3 meters in length. In order to apply patterns, I prepared special stencils. Each of the 300 pearls and 100 crystals is sewn and glued into a hand. The number of patterns exceeds 500 uses of stencil (because of which it had to be redone many times). I painted everything at home, because I was afraid not to have time. Here came the first calls about chem poisoning… but there was a plume ahead. The banter is also decorated with a ribbon depicting cranes and bamboo with gold metal patterns at the tips and snowflakes cast from transparent polyurethane. At the ends of the banter and in the middle are also snowflake jewelry.

Then there was a cape with a plume. The basis was the shape of the Elsa plume from the first part. The plume itself is about 2.5 meters long. All patterns are hand-painted and decorated with crystals and poured snowflakes. In front, they are also decorated with pendants made of tidal snowflakes. During the painting of this plume, I received chem. poisoning and spent about 5 cylinders of white paint. At first, a white bleach was applied along the border, there were already patterns of snowflakes and stars on it, after which everything was decorated with crystals. It took about 10 hours of total time to paint in order to create a feeling of a snowy plume.

The lower dress was made in accordance with the drawing. Sewn from two different types of fabric, decorated by hand with white patterns and crystals. Also, a belt was sewn separately, on which jewelry (3d printing) and knots (handmade) were attached after.

Wig and Decorations on your head. Since the option on the art was not nice to me, I personally decided to make something more interesting to me. This something was a clip with roses and winter berries, decorated with poured snowflakes, crystals and a suspension with snowflakes. The glove was also decorated with a snowflake with a crystal. A tape with metal earrings was woven into the spit and decorated with studs with snowflakes and a cap with a fan at the end. A wig from an incomparable https://vk.com/floradaria

Fox collar. Yeah, it was made by hand, too. Under the guidance of the wonderful master – Gin – the sweet head of the fox was born, which was then sewn to the collar. Tails were made separately, after which they were sewn to the main “sausage” and decorated with scarlet cords. The base of the head was cut out of polystyrene foam, then wrapped around a thief. After the fur was glued, but before that it had to be cheered up a little, because it turned out to be very long. After fur, it was otfacturen, after which cilia were injected and crystals were glued. Decoration on the ear as an addition.

Make-up, studio selection and photo processing

Make, I completely did myself. The main difference from the original Elsa was the bright “scarlet” shadows. This color looked very beautiful with sky blue eyes. Also, I inflicted a lot of brilliance, highlighted the “frozen” pink cheeks.

I picked up the studio for a very long time and seriously. After all, one of the rules of the competition was:

After such words, it was a shame to photograph against the background of a brick wall or a single-color cyclorama. Therefore, it was this location that was chosen, because it most reminded me of the throne room of the ice queen.

“You can only use the graphic editor to create collages and color correction” – all according to the rules. The photos presented at the competition did not specifically use any “magic,” effects, etc., but only light color correction. You can even clarify the moment with the photographer himself – amazing https://vk.com/eva_photo


Walking the suit made a real splash at the convention. A lot of forest words, praise and enthusiastic speeches. Thank you for APPRECIATING ALL THE WORK invested in this suit. I imagined it as “made specifically for the Lost Ark competition”


Well, now you can really reasonably appreciate the work done and all the work. And maybe you can explain to me where is the line between a perfectly done job worthy of the highest praise and a small separation. Thank you for your attention

Your Oichi