Oda Nobunaga & Nohime

Sometimes there are not enough words to describe the entire unimaginable range of his emotions, impressions, and the “magic of business” comes into play. An example of the magic of implementing something that lacks eloquence and the strength to speak directly – and there is my clash with the magnificent heroine of my most beloved game – Lady Nohime.

Unimaginably beautiful, passionate heroine with a colorful and endless range of emotions, absolute charm and fortitude. A strong woman who played a huge role in the history of Japan, being a reliable and faithful support of her great husband and wise lord – Oda Nobunaga.

Under the auspices of the Oda clan, she made history side by side with the most famous warriors, feudal lords, strategists. Powerful and gentle, seductive and insidious – a magnificent combination of beauty and mind – Lady Nohime.


Oda Nobunaga – One of the most ambiguous figures in the history of Japan, he is considered the greatest commander by some, others consider him a tyrant who went to his goal no matter what. And yet the brutal heart of the feudal lord flinched under the awe of the wings of a fragile butterfly, hiding true serpent habits in itself, to rise to the imperious Demon Lord of the Sixth Sky.


For basic forms of armor, it was decided to use Eve foam due to the flexibility in thermoforming. But Eve herself is not a very convenient material in high-quality painting and refinement, so we decided to use elastic PU coatings to maintain mobility and wear resistance, as well as elasticity.

The armor itself and the patterns on them, we decided to metallize, which would most emphasize their realism. To do this, we will need a lot of time when preparing the surface, so the article will be supplemented.

Materials used:

  1. Eva penka
  2. PVC Plastic
  3. Glues
  4. Polyurethane elastic compositions
  5. Elastic varnish
  6. Rubber
  7. Polycaprolactone
  8. Fabric
  9. Chemical metallization
  10. Skin

Tools (equipment) used:

  1. Knives
  2. Thermoforming moulds
  3. Paint Compressor
  4. Metallizator
  5. Imagination

Step # 1 – Preparation of Drawing

We take off the necessary forms (my body is ready) basic patterns. With the help of scotch, foil, we form a relief, and with a marker we apply the product pattern we need.

Step # 2 – Transfer Drawing to Work Surface

We transfer the finished design to Eva, specially prepared for work. Our task will be to transfer the drawing to the plane and bring all the details and patterns to the desired ideal. * In the photo, an example of drawing a corset. The rest of the details are made in image and likeness *

Step 3 – Transfer the drawing to the finishing material (eva foam)

In the process of transferring, we form all parts from master models to the desired products. Then glue all the parts and get the finished product… so close

Step 4 – Application of elastic compositions on the surface of parts (Primer (ಠ╭╮ಠ))

For this step, we will need: a compressor and a paint cluster, as well as a special PU composition for a spill. We apply at least 8 layers of complete surface cover (1 layer with an interval of 20 minutes).

* in our case, we need a surface with a slight hammer effect. Therefore, we used a thicker version of the composition.

Step 5 – Application of elastic protective compositions and preparation of surface for metallization

Part 2 – sewing

I do not sew often, so I will begin by saying a huge thank you to all my friends, because they helped who could. Thank you for providing knowledge and… sewing machine: 3

For the fabric part, light cotton satin was chosen, since it was this color that was close to the canon.

To make a padded half-skirt, black and red fabric was needed. I needed to measure its length and draw a layout in order to cut the skirt evenly, observing the pattern. We use a spider – a special textile glue-strip, so as not to sew the edges. put two parts of the skirt together, sew them, and then attach the belt, which will then hide under the armor.

For the pattern on the fabric, a stencil should be made. Personally, I redrawn it with tracing paper from the XD monitor screen. But I still had to adjust it to the size of the skirt…

I used a special paint for the fabrics in the drawing. Let him dry the night and apply a thin layer again.

To make a banter, you will need red cloth, rope (which you will need to spit), glue doublerin (coat) (on the lower banter and on the lower part of the upper) and edge (upper part of the upper banter)

We make two pieces of the future XD banter. Outwardly, they will look like pads) Glue doublerin from the inside (edge on the upper part of the banter, on the lower and second coat banter in order to give the banter a tougher shape. The holes through which we turn, pour with a secret stitch with our hands, iron and then hide under the cord. Pull the strings and collect the resulting ribbons into folds. We’re sweeping. Now this is something more and more reminiscent of him…

We make a construction from rope (pigtail) and sew it to the banter.

We collect all this business… mmm… and it turned out cool)

Earrings are made easier ~

We buy 2 muline threads per earring. We put together, we achieve the right size. Then there’s the painting. Nohime clearly has a gradient on his earrings. To do this, we will need red, purple and dark purple paints. Carefully wet the necessary areas of the future earring with a sponge, achieving a smooth transition. I used the same comb and combed the threads so that they would not stick together. Sushim is a veil!


Well, that’s all ~ I’ll see you soon ^ ^