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Oda Nobunaga & Nohime

Sometimes there are not enough words to describe the entire unimaginable range of his emotions, impressions, and the “magic of business” comes into play. An example of the magic of implementing something that lacks eloquence

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15 Years of Magic and Battle

And the other day two big holidays, namely the 15th anniversary of two large franchises, known for the whole World, were warmed off! What do Winx and Samurai Warriors have in common? How do they

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I LOVE BIG.. guns! 😉💕

Get FULL set on my P🅰treon!
What class do you like in games?
It is inconvenient to play for archers btw!><
Therefore, my cosplay collection already has katanas, swords, scythes and even magic books!🥰

Jinx + Cyberpunk2077 = 💜

Get FULL set on my P🅰treon!
Neon, madness, I'm absolutely delighted!🤩
Can I make Arcane version?;)

I'm crazy 💙 Got a doctor's note!

Get FULL set on my P🅰treon!
How do you like the Worlds opening ceremony?
I'm always in awe of technological progress year after year, it's something incredible!
Especially Jakson Wang's performance! 😍😍😍


Get 4 October sets on my P🅰treon!
Only few hours left, don't miss out 🙌
And how do you like the characters of the month?
I'm overjoyed!😍

Honey... My eyes are little higher~🤍

Get FULL set on my P🔥treon!
Ooooh, you must know my love for this character!
I started making this cosplay at the year beginning!
So take a closer look at the fabric embroidery 😉💕

Bang bang! You're in love!💥

Get FULL set with Bayonetta on my P🧡treon!
Getting ready for Halloween together?
I already chose a suit, hehe
What? Won't they let me in like this at the party?💢
Then I will stay with YOU!

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